Riveting Punch

Instead of fitting your product to match the punch, you can customize our machines to fit your product.
We use both hand-finished general-purpose lathes and NC lathes to provide highly accurate and detailed support.

Standard Punch

We can provide punches for standard punch holders.

Special punches Long / Special angle

This punch is useful for riveting in areas that standard punches cannot reach.
The special length and angle of the punches allow for riveting in difficult places.

Special punches super-hard

This punch with increased wear resistance is enhanced by applying super hard materials.
This punch is for those with repeated hard processing.

Special punches Coating

We provide punches with coating to prevent chip adhesion and wear resistance.

Riviting Jig

Roller Jig

This is used for riveting the end surfaces of cylindrical parts. Less cracks and wrinkles than punch riveting for a smooth finish.

Special access punch

This is manufactured according to the shape of the work piece for difficult punch approaches.

Multiple shaft gearbox

Riveting of 2 or more shafts is carried out at the same time. This is manufactured after confirming the load, minimum pitch and the need for variable pitch.

Work-set jigs (anvils, etc.)

Anvil stand

This is a simple work setting jig for manual setting and removal.
The work piece can be supported by hand while riveting.

Slide jig

There is no need to put your hand directly underneath the cylinder or rotating objects in the riveting machine when setting the work piece.

XY table

This is used to rivet a work piece with multiple riveting points in a single operation.

Index table

Work setting and inspection can be done while riveting.

System upgrades

Control panel

PLC control: When controlling multiple sensors, etc., this controls them with a PLC and a touch panel (PLC manufacturer can be specified).

Cylinder sensor

The cylinder sensor can be installed when the system is upgraded.

Source air-pressure control

The Pneumatic Riveting Machine ensures high quality with thorough control of the source pressure.

Riveting confirmation shaft

A shaft can be attached for cylinder position confirmation.

Robot arm

We design and manufacture a variety of products such as linear, 6-axis, and vertical articulated types, etc., to meet the needs of our customers.


This controls the shaft speed, motor brake, and other parts.

PLC control unit

This can be used for control that is not possible with a standard controller.

Spin Riveter optional parts

Emergency stop switch

You can select a switch that meets your safety standards.


We offer everything from aluminum frames to welding to meet your own requirements.

Safety cover

We offer covers to meet your own safety standards.

Various countries’ voltage specifications (transformer)

Overseas voltage supported.

Area sensor

You can select sensors that meet your own safety standards.