Riveting Lab

At our Riveting Lab, all of your riveting concerns are solved by our experienced technicians!

Our experienced problem solving team is waiting for you at our Riveting Lab.

        We can providing test services starting from a single part, so please contact us for more information.

Features of the Riveting Lab!


Feature1 On-the-spot solutions!
Go through a process of trial and error with our engineers.

The Riveting Lab in Kamata has a full line of spin riveters and a wide variety of punches and anvils.

Our skilled technicians are available to help you solve your problems.

There is no riveting problem that can't be solved here, and we are fully equipped to help you.

Feature2 The high quality of Ota Craftsmen

Quick solutions for riveting problems require the wisdom and skill of a good craftsman with years of experience and the ability to predict the outcome.

The Riveting Lab has excellent technicians on hand to provide you with consultation.

Our engineers have been certified as "Master Craftsmen of Ota" by Ota City and are highly regarded for their high level of technical skills.

Feature3 Data can be obtained from the riveting machine.

Detailed data can be obtained by using the Servo Riveting Machine in the Riveting Lab.

The data obtained from testing can be reflected in the settings of the riveting machine in the customer's environment, which will be useful when reproducing an environment close to that during testing.

Feature4 Located 5 minutes from the Advanced Measurement and Processing Lab of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

For customers who require advanced measurements, the Advanced Measurement and Processing Laboratory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute is located near the Riveting Lab and can provide detailed measurement results using the state-of-the-art facilities at the research center.

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