Rivet is used in electrical appliance, clothing, vehicles, medical instruments and many more products to join parts of product, technology needed for many industry. Having Hironao Tsubone, the first person to create rivet machine in Japan, as founder we have been providing our service to not only within Japan but to overseas as well in unique creativ way. As pioneer of rivet machine, we started developing pneumatic rivet machine since 1970s and in recent years, we were one of the first company to succeed developing servo rivet machine achieving high accuracy and speed, environmentally friendly machine. Founders concept to continue refinement=winning trust is still in our company.  With our skill, we will continue to do our best to support and to make peoples life better.

Koki Shokai has been operating in heart of industrials, Ota-Ku since 1951. Our product offers short lead time and low cost.

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Rivet Machine

Rivet machine is machinery to plastic deform top of rivet. It can also push out pipe or put lid and narrow down. It is also known as spin swage machine, rolling swage machine, rivetter.


Rivet machine repeats press and spin. Slightly tilted punch will operate with accuracy.


Rivet machine can change shape greatly with minumum power compare to non-spinning press which result in minimizing plant. Because it is not まflattening by just forcing, it is also suitable for fragile product.


More than 10,000 businesses are using our machine. From car to plane, electric appliance to  housing, switch to semiconductor, livingware to clothing, nursing and baby product to medical instrument. Rivet machine is used for many products that surrounds our everyday life. Swage is fundamental to manufacturing. With our experience, we will support you with best quality product and service.