Automotive Industry

Rivets are often used in automobiles.

The reason why Koki Shokai’s products are used by manufacturers from Japan to Europe is that our sophisticated technology has supported the automotive industry to ensure that securely installed parts will function in any changing environment.

Making further leaps building on the trust we have earned.

Koki Shokai will continue to provide full-fledged support to the automotive industry.

Aerospace Industry

There is a world constantly exposed to a harsh environment.

Aircraft fly at an altitude of about 10,000 meters and below minus 55 degrees Celsius at about 900 kilometers per hour, close to the speed of sound.
Spacecraft must travel at 28,440 kilometers per hour to orbit the Earth at a temperature of minus 273 degrees Celsius.
Koki Shokai’s technology is used in aircraft and spacecraft, which are made up of tens of thousands of parts.

Even our smallest rivets can be precisely machined and securely maintained in any environment.

Koki Shokai will continue to provide technology for the future of mankind.

Everyday household appliances, general merchandise

Safe and secure riveting technology that supports an enriched lifestyle

Koki Shokai’s technology is also used in household electrical appliances and general merchandise.

Koki Shokai’s riveting machine technology is used to secure electronic device circuit boards that are not normally visible, assemble beauty products such as eyelash curlers, and make refrigerator doors and lighting components that families use every day.

In order to enrich people’s lives, Koki Shokai’s technology will continue to be an integral part of your life so that you can live in a safe and comfortable living space.

Medical Industry

Professionals in the medical field are trying to save the lives of as many people as possible.

Koki Shokai’s riveting technology is put to use in cutting-edge medical treatment.

Among the riveting devices developed in collaboration with major medical equipment manufacturers, we offer riveting machines that support the manufacture of special devices using stents for cardiovascular surgery and special instruments used in laparoscopic surgery.

Koki Shokai’s riveting machines are being used for riveting that requires the precision of a skilled craftsman and precise technology.

We want to help create a world where everyone can live healthy lives.

This is Koki Shokai’s dream.