Punch and Anvil

Precision micro world: Revealed by unsurpassed skilled craftsmanship.


Each and every one of the punches and anvils made by our skilled workers (awardees of Ota City Manufacturing Excellent Technical Skills Certificates*1) is finished with care. Moreover, we also offer stable machining technology in the micro region which cannot be processed without skilled craftsmen.

Our “made in Japan” machine tools have received high praise from all around the world in terms of technology that boasts trust from our customers and excellent precision. This is because we fuse together the sensitivity cultivated from the abundant experience of our skilled workers with rare technologies that satisfy the requirements of our customers. Our skilled craftsmen propose the manufacturing of punches so that it is possible to machine your products to the optimal specifications.


We have a large number of riveting test punches available. Moreover, we are able to trial prototype punches according to your needs.

We provide support to meet your needs by taking advantage of our past manufacturing data and the range of technologies we have accumulated.

*1: The Ota City Manufacturing Excellent Engineers (Artisans of Ota) is a system that awarded certificates to 100 people over five year with a focus on active skilled craftsmen for the purpose of contributing to handing down of these skills and developing the next generation.