Servo Rivet Machine

Invention! Control quality and prevent defected numerically!

7 new features to improve productivity


1.Electrical rivet machine. There is no need for extra installation such as compressor or oil pressure pump.

2.Achieves high accuracy. Press load, spin, stroke is controled numerically resulting  best quality at all time. Set up for stroke, swage speed, press load, spin and other have become much easier adn can be set up by anyone. It also keeps  best quality for repeating. Control program can be customised to request.

3.Evergy saving. It  uses only 1/5 of power compared to hydraulic and pneumatic machines which will result in cost cut as well as addition to your company CSR. Noise level has also reduced which will make better working environment.

4.Shorten lead time. Standby can be set at any level. It only works for what is requested.

5.Calling registered set up will shorten setting. There is no need to set up jig.

6.Swage result will be auto-saved on machine for 30 days(upto 20,000/day).

7.Check up function will audit every piece and catch any unusual activities.


Check up on all electrical parts. [Contact judgement] check up length of rivet Manage bottom of [Swage measure jusdgement] For [Area judgement], check up with press load status


Combination of stroke and press load management, it will catch any unusual activities. Result will be auto-saved on machine for 30 days(upto 20,000/day).

windows Support Tool


  1. Sampling result can be checked at the time

2. Stats, history and setting information can be stored in your computer (ascii output available)


Separation into 3 units

It can be separated into 3 units which makes it easier to build into your device


MODEL 2703-20KN 2703-30KN
Swage (mild steel) φ 14 18
Press Load kN max.20 max.30
Open Height mm 200 200
Approach Speed mm/s max80 max80
Stroke mm 10-100 10-100
Degradative Ability mm 0.01 0.01
Power 3φ3W AC200V 3φ3W AC200V
Spin rpm max.3000 max.3000
Weight kg 240 300
Size w d h 360 x 580 x 1076 360 x 663 x 1294