Pneumatic Rivet Machine Head Unit

✔We can provide just the head of a pneumatic riveting machine

✔We can customize the performance in response to your needs

✔The product functions are equivalent to a pneumatic riveting machine

Product Feature

  • We can supply just the head unit
  • You can achieve low costs with a riveting machine
  • Customizable riveting is possible in line with your needs if you arrange the placement
  • Ideal for integration into automatic machines
  • You can freely place your riveting machine (e.g. horizontal or vertical)



  • You can achieve optimization of production through the simultaneous placement of multiple head units
  • Specific example: Facing installation pattern

 These machines have inherited the performance of pneumatic riveting machines and so it is possible to build production lines in line with your needs. It is also possible to set up these machines horizontally or vertically because you can carry out installation with just a single head unit. You will be able to expand the potential to efficiently produce all kinds of riveting work depending on your design. It is possible to introduce riveting machines at low cost for those considering doing so, to install these machines in confined spaces and to achieve productivity enhancement in simultaneous riveting work with the placement of multiple units. Are you looking to introduce a riveting machine for the first time? Are you thinking about reviewing the placement of your machines? Are you concerned about your unit head housing design? If so, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with advice on everything from design to introduction support.


KOKI-5602 KOKI-5603 KOKI-5604
Swage(mild steel) φ 5 8 15
Press load (0.5MPa) kN 4.8 9.4 19.5
Stroke mm 10-40  10-50
Power 3φ3W AC200V (50Hz/60Hz)
Spin (50Hz/60Hz)rpm 1400/1680 1420/1704
Weight kg 45 60 75
Pneumatic Power MPa 0.1-0.5
Air Cumsumption(0.4MPa・30mm)L 2.2 4.8 8.2